WHO warns of deadly second wave of CORONA VIRUS across the world. Elders and people with Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart disease, Lungs Diseases  are more prone to COVID-19. Europe is now suffering from second wave of COVID-19 infection. In the current wave daily new cases has allready crossed 1 lacks per day.

In India the number of daily cases touched a peak in Middle of September  and has been declining ever since. Currently due to weather changes cases of COVID-19  increasing rapidly.
                The Best thing that we can do Right now is to prevent  infection  stalling this of as long as possible until a vaccine is available.
 Preventive measures is Very Important to reduce the Risk of COVID-19 infection.

1. Individuals must maintain a distance of 6 feet in public places as far as feasible.

2. Use face mask ,face cover.

3. Frequently wash your hand with soap (For at least 40 seconds) ,even when hands are not visibly  dirty.You can also use  alcohol based  hand sanitizer  (for at least 20 seconds ).
4. Self monitoring of health is very important. Consult your physician if you are suffering from highfever, cold,difficulty in breathing, weakness, for further Investigation of COVID-19. 

5. Regularly check your oxygen level by pulse oxymeter, its a simple device to measure oxygen level of body.

6. Avoid public contact, public transport. 

7. Try to stay Home as much as possible. 

8. Boost your Immunity with the help of Ayurvedic Medicines. Since 5000 yes  Ayurveda is using to boost Immunity. You can include  Ayurvedic Supplements,  Immunity Boosting Tea. 

9. Maintain Healthy lifestyle proper nutrition  with lot of vegetables and fruits, regular exercise. 

10. Take 7 to 8 hour sound sleep.


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