What are the Risk factors of Goiter?

  • A lack of dietary iodine: People living in areas where iodine is in short supply and who don't have access to iodine supplements are at high risk of goiter.
  • Being female: Because women are more prone to thyroid disorders, they're also more likely to develop goiters.
  • Your age: Your chances of developing a goiter increase with age.
  • Medical history: A personal or family history of autoimmune disease increases your risk.
  • Pregnancy and menopause: For reasons that aren't entirely clear, thyroid problems are more likely to occur during pregnancy and menopause.
  • Certain medications: Some medical treatments, including immune suppressants, antiretroviral, the heart drug amiodarone and the psychiatric drug lithium, increase your risk.
  • Radiation exposure: Your risk increases if you've had radiation treatments to your neck or chest area

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