Causes of Obesity

  • Genetics: A person is More likely to Devlope Obesity if One or Both Parents are Obese.
  • Physical Inactivity: Is Strongly Correlated with Weight Gain in Both Sexes.
  • Unhealthy Diet and Eating Habits: Regular Intake of High Calories & Full of Fast food Leads to Obesity.
  • Diseases: Such as Hypothyroidism; Insuline Resistance, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome; Cushing’s Syndrome are also Contributors to Obesity.
  • Medications: Are Associated with Weight Gain Example
    1. Anticonvulsants (Medicine are used in Seizures)
    2. Antidepressants (Medicine use in treating Depression)
    3. Oral Contraceptive pills
    4. Cortico steroids
    5. Diabetes Medications
  • Psychological Factors: Stress, Eating Disorder’s.
  • Pregnancy: During Pregnancy a Women’s Weight Necessarily increases. Some Women Find this Weight Difficult to Lose After Delivery. This Weight Gain may contribute to the Development of Obesity in Women.

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