The Panch Mahabhutas (Five Proto-Elements)

  • Prithvi >> The earth. Its characteristic is Gandha (aroma)
  • Aap >> The water. Its characteristic is Taste or Rasa.
  • Tejas >> The solar power. Its characteristic is Vision.
  • Vayu >> The wind .Its characteristic is the Tactile sensation.
  • Akash >> The Shabda Tanmatras ( Sound Energy). It should not be compared to space as it is designated as dik. Neither should be considered as void as void can not create any sound.

Sattva predominates in formation of Akash. Sattva and Tamas forms water while Sattva and Rajas forms Tejas. Purely Rajas forms Vayu and Tamas as Prithvi.

  • Sattva >> Akash (Sound)
  • Sattva + Aap >> Aap (Water)
  • Sattva +Rajas >> Tej (Solar radiation)
  • Rajas >> Vayu (Air)
  • Tamas >> Prithvi (Earth)

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