It is principle and dynamic force. The word Vata is derived from the Sanskrit root va gati-gandhanayoh, meaning as controlling the motion and senses like aroma etc. Life without motion is death.

Vata is Rajasic, signifying a force with qualities of dynamism and propulsion. It is formed by combination of Akash (resonance factor) and Vayu (nitrogen + oxygen + other gases). It is responsible for conduction, regulation and propagation of energy. It integrates all vital structures and functions of body by its regulatory action of controlling kapha and Pitta.

Location of Vayu is Pakwashaya (large bowel) and Asthi dhatu (bone tissue). Kashyap Samhita additionally quotes the Majja (neural tissue and bone marrow).

During the process of digestion in Gastro-intestinal tract various gases are generated in large bowel. Pakwashay (large bowel) constitutes the main site of its genesis. In bone there are large numbers of spaces which are empty and are filled with air. Increase in Vayu is creditated with causation of osteoporosis. Pain at any site in body is because of vitiated Vayu. All bodily actions require neuronal activation. All body actions are credited to be the functions of Vayu. It is now proved that neuronal transmission requires the generation of NO (nitric oxide).

  • Prana vayu : Responsible for respiration
  • Udana vayu : Responsible for respiration, speech and control of all organs of sense. It maintains cohesive unity of whole body says Rishi Charak.
  • Samana vayu : Aids Pachak Pitta for all digestive process and causes absorption of digested food.
  • Vyana vayu : Causes circulation of all body fluids.
  • Apana vayu : It is responsible for excretion of wastes (malas), delivery of foetus.

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