It is third primal constituent of body comprising of Aap and Prithvi (water and carbon in excited state).It is also known as Sleshma. Sleshma is derived from the sanskrit root slisha alingane which means cohesion or joining. Its qulality is Tamas, which means inertia or brownian motion wherein particals can not move far.Hence Prithvi and Aap cause the solid and liquid forms.

It represents cyto-skeleton of the cell, lipoid and protein organization of the cell wall and protoplasm, ground substance and connective tissue etc. Cell wall is made of lipoproteins. The tissue proteins are made of structural proteins.

Types of Kapha:

1) Kledak Kapha>>Produced during the process of digestion of food.
2) Avalambak Kapha>>It supports trika sandhis (joints) at neck, shoulder, sacro-iliac and hip joints. It is responsible for nourishing heart with rasa dhatu.
3) Bodhak Kapha>>It is responsible for salivary secretions and appreciation of various types of tastes.
4) Sleshak Kapha>>It lubricates and nourishes all the joints.
5) Tarpak Kapha>>It nourishes brain and all the organs of cognition.

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