Purpose Of Life - The Inevitable Goal

Hinduism recognizes four goals of human life. They are;

1) Kama>>Satisfying the desires for sense pleasure
2) Artha>>Acquisition of worldly possessions or money
3) Dharma>>Observance of religious duties
4) Moksha>>Liberation achieved through god-realization

Dharma is superior to Kama and Artha.

Moksha, which mean liberation, can be achieved only through the realization of God Hinduism believes in God’s omnipresence and speaks of the presence of divinity in every human being. At any given point of time divinity is equally present in all, but not equally manifest. The purpose of spiritual practice is to manifest this inherent divinity. When this divinity becomes fully manifest, a person is said to have become a God-realized soul, he is also said to have attained Moksha.

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