Nadi Parikshan (Art & Science Of Pulse Reading )

Nadi Vigyan also known as Pulse diagnosis is a art of determining and understanding the disease process because of dosha imbalance before any overt signs of the disease have manifested. By detecting early symptoms of imbalance and disease reaction in the body, one can determine the nature of future bodily reactions. Arterial pulse, face, eyes, tongue, lips, and nails provide subtle indications.

Nadi vigyan or Pulse diagnosis is perhaps the most exceptional diagnostic tool that the Ayurvedic physician has at his disposal. It is based on the principal of Vibrational Theory. Elaborated in this century by Quantum Physics, that the physical universe is essentially vibrational in nature. Every organ and tissue in the body has its own unique vibrational signature which carries the information of its state of functioning. The fluid forms of lymph and blood circulate throughout the body from heart to periphery and back again, picking up the vibrations from each organ and tissue, and conducting that vibration through Vayu's five different functions in the body.

Thus Pulse diagnosis enables students to learn dosha imbalance, toxins accumulation, organs impairment, pathology occurring at specific parts of body.

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