Dr Ashish M Gaikwad

M.D. (AM), B.A.M.S.

Dr Ashish M Gaikwad has expertise in Naadi Vigyan (art and science of pulse reading), Panchkarma and Marma therapy.

He is fellow member of Central Research Institute Of Medical Sciences, Mumbai and Royal Institute of General Practitioner.

Dr Ashish M Gaikwad has also been honored with "NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD" for achievement in Ayurvedic practice for year 2007-2008 from Central Research Institute of Medical Science, Mumbai . He is been teaching students over worldwide in Art and science of pulse reading, Panchkarma Therapy, Marma Therapy and Holistic approach of varied diseases. He has regularly been doing research work for welfare of mankind. Currently working in scientific aspects of Indian Traditional Customs.

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