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Scriptural Treatment (Vedokta Chikitsa)

Ayurveda uses two main modalities in the treatment of disease, each with its own distinct purpose. Shamana therapy is used to palliate or manage the symptoms of disease, whereas Shodhana therapy is used to eliminate the cause of disease. Each type of disease management has its own appropriateness depending on the patient, the time and the nature and stage of illness.


  • PACHAN: Improves digestion and metabolism.
  • DEEPAN: It stimulates digestive fire known as agni.
  • KSHUDHA: Includes fasting on ginger water for 1 to 2 days.
  • TRUSHNA: In this total fasting (without water) is done for 1 to 2 days.
  • YOGA: Here recommended asanas and pranayams are done.




Panchkarma therapy however, is more than just these five purifactory and rejuvinative procedures. It is a three stage process in which five core treatments serve as the focal point.


The first phase, called purvakarma, comprises essential preliminary procedures whose purpose is to prepare the body to unload stored toxins—the purpose of main or second stage. This is divided into pachan, snehan and swedan.

  • PACHAN : Pachan means to digest the Ama (Undigested food materials) and vitiated doshas.
  • SNEHAN : Snehan means to Oleate or to make smooth. They are of two types:
    • ABHYANTAR ( INTERNAL OLEATION): Depending upon constitution and doshas, dose of ghee /oil is given for decided period.
    • BAHYA (EXTERNAL OLEATION): Abhyang in general is used for producing relaxation as well as for giving tone to muscle.
  • SWEDAN (Fomentation): Swedana karma is designed to relive stiffness, heaviness, cold, and induce sweating. Swedana Karma is simply the group of procedures used to induce sweating.


  • VAMAN (Emesis): Is a procedure to remove toxins from kapha zone
  • VIRECHAN (Therapeutic Purging): Is a purgative treatment that cleanses the small intestine and associated with pitta dominant organs.
  • NASYA (Nasal Therapy): Is an introduction of medicine thru nasal route.
  • RAKTAMOSHAN (Blood letting): It is therapeutic withdrawal of blood from body used in disease related to excess pitta.
  • BASTI (Therapeutic Enema): It is the introduction of medicated liquids into the colon through rectum, nose effecting dhatus and all doshas particularly vata dosha. Following are various types of basti.
    • NIRUH
    • BHEDAN
    • YAPAN
    • MATRA
    • UTTAR


The last stage is paschatkarma for restoration of strong agni.it is also known as uttar karma. In this karma diet is preparing such a way that digestive fire should be increases gradually to its normal level in 6 days. Mand, Peya, Vilepi are food prepare ascending solidified order.

Herbal Formula Preparation As Per Veda.

Form and concentration of medicines vary from patient to patient. Therefore one should know how and when to prepare this formulas depending on doshas of patient. One should know fundamental procedures for medicinal preparation. Different forms like kwath, kashay, kalka and ghan have different effects as they vary in their concentration, and absorption. This is prepared during certain planetary positions with chanting of certain mantras for its more effectiveness.

Following things are thought to our students regarding herbal formulation preparation :

  • Kwath/ kushay (Decoction)
  • Arka (Extract)
  • Swaras (Juice)
  • Kalka (Paste)
  • Guti (Tablet)
  • Vati (Tablet)
  • Rasayan (Rejuvenating Medicine)
  • Ghan (Concentrated Tablet )
  • Raskalp (Mercury Products)
  • Heem (Cold Infusion)
  • Faant (Infusion)

Oil And Ghrith Preparations As Per Veda.

Herbal oils are prepared so as to induce properties of herbs in that particular oil to make it better absorbable. This is prepared during certain planetary positions with chanting of certain mantras so as to enhance herbal properties.Various oil preparations are thought to our students Following oil preparations are taught to our students:

  • Mahanarayan Oil
  • Bala Oil
  • Panchagun Oil
  • Trifala Ghrith
  • Bramhi Ghrith
  • Jatyadee Ghrith and many more

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