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Mudra is a term with many meanings. It is used to signify gesture, a mystic position of he hands, a seal, or even a symbol. Mudras engage several areas in the brain influencing them and bringing about necessary changes on physical, mental and emotional plane. Area of hand forms reflex zone associated with brain and body; in this way we can consider our hands to be mirror image of our mind and body. Pressure at the pulp of fingers play an important role in bringing desired reflex.

Mudras can be done while seating, lying down, standing and walking. It is practiced from 3 minutes to 45min per day as guided by teacher.

Some mudras can also help during emergency period like Dizziness, Nausea, Heart attack, Acute attack of asthma etc.


Mrit Sanjivani Mudra

In the case of severe chest pain, heart attack, this life giving mudra provides instant relief within a few seconds. So can be used as first aid for all cardiac patients.

Apan Mudra

Provide relief in urinary problems facilitates discharge of waste material from the body. Cleanses & purifies body.

Following are the mudras taught to our students :

  • For cardiac diseases
  • For mental diseases
  • For increasing memory and concentration
  • For kidney troubles
  • For recharging energy reserves
  • For building character
  • For improving relationship
  • For connecting with the divine
  • For five elements
  • For diabetes
  • For healing emotional problems
  • For high and low blood pressure
  • For gastrointestinal diseases & many more...

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