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For Aam

1) castor oil + ginger tea +/- honey (castor oil breaks aam and vata and lubricates joints)
2) 1/2 tsp dry ginger in 4 glass of water

For Acne

2 tsp. Marigold flower juice 
2 tsp. Fuller's earth 
Half tsp. Coriander powder 
Half tsp. Calamus root powder 
Half tsp. Sandalwood powder
Rose water to make a paste 
Apply a thin layer of this paste over the face. Wash off with water when it becomes dry. 
Apply at least three times a week.

-- OR --

2 tbsp of banana pulp 
Half tsp. Ghee 
1 tsp. Sesame seeds 
2 almonds or half tsp of pine nuts 
Water or milk to make a paste 
Put everything into a blender and churn to a pulp. Apply onto the face at a ¼ inch thickness. Leave for half an hour, wash off with water and then massage moisturising cream on skin. Apply daily before bed.

For Anger

1 tsp. Cumin powder 
1 tsp. Coriander powder 
Half tsp. Fennel seed powder 
20 rose petals 
1 tsp. Raw cane sugar 
1-cup water 
Boil everything together for 5 minutes, remove from the heat and keep covered for 20 minutes. Filter and drink.

For Arthritis

Take 1 tbsp. Of castor oil + pinch dry ginger powder with warm water every night before bed

-- OR --

Take 1 tsp. Fenugreek seeds every night before bed with warm water. Swallow, don’t chew. 
-pind swed with dry ginger and oregano (ajwayan), salt 

-- OR --

*bitter neem leaves - one bunch 
*black pepper - 50 balls 
Supachak - Half tsp 
Ashwagandha - 2 tabs 
Water - 1 cup

Warm the above and drink it. Continue this recipe for 7 days.

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