Surya Nivarna (Colour Therapy)

It is the art of imparting the colour effects of sun rays to different materials. It is not a new discovery of medical science but is thousands years old. It is part of Ayurvedic treatment. Humanbeings, plants, flowers, etc all require sunlight for their living and growth, they absorb sun energy in different ways. The science of colours is age-old, and it is proved by our shastras (scriptures). Because the sun is lifegiver, it is praised in upanishads and refered as sun god. sun rays have properties and strength to cure many acute/chronic diseases. The five Protelement and the 7 Chakras are represented by particular colour and so our endocrine system also responses to different colours in form of neuro transmitters. Which in turn have powerfull effect on our physical, mental and spiritual plane.

Our students are taught to identify disease (physical, mental, spiritual), and the required colour to heal that disease.

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