Dr Ashish M Gaikwad


Nadi parikshan (Pulse Diagnosis)

By pulse diagnosis we can diagnose diseases on minor difference also. That can be done by differentiating the balance between Vata, Pitta & Kapha. Pulse diagnosis is effective to know what is happening in your Body, Mind, Emotions and Life. How your Body, Mind, Emotions and Life are working?


Work out & carry significant process of Panchkarama to detoxify the body.


Solving or clear mental blocks through counselling is essential pre-treatment as it increase efficiency of herbs.


Marma is a secret art and science of Ayurveda that works on sensitive energetic points that work on the body, mind and spirit. Holistic management of various diseases as well as heavy metal toxicity Ayurveda deals with different preparations for different peoples in holistic way. According to body constitutions & disorder ingredients in herbs or food supplements are varies.

Cosmetic treatments of KLAPP Cosmetics (Certification course).

  • Deep cleansing - GK 4 Machine Treatment.
  • Micro meso Treatment.
  • Hot Chocolate - Skin Polishing Treatment.
  • Under Eye Treatment.
  • Caviar- Wrinkle Reduction Treatment.
  • Ceremony Of Gold - Anti Ageing Treatment.
  • Men's Normal & Dry Skin Treatment.
  • C-PURE - Face Infusion Treatment.
  • ASA Treatment.

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