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The Kanakaveda Luxurious Holistic Center is a unique retreat that offer a perfect comfort, Luxury, Authentic, Traditional,  Customize,Holistic Treatments ,all under one roof.

Kanakaveda is one-of-its-kind of a holistic destination space, which heals you internally and externally with traditional and authentic Ayurvedic therapies, treatments and Medications along with Yoga and Meditation. Kanakaveda Luxurious Holistic Center is serving to the society since 2003 with the ancient knowledge of ayurveda and modern advancement. Thousands of patients are benefitted and are happy with our services.


India’s ancient science of inner well-being made to weary warriors, kings and statesmen of their relaxation and rejuvenation. It was further complemented by the elaborate beauty rituals of kings and queen. These age-old traditions have continued their journey into millennium. Kanakaveda Luxurious Holistic Center honors these traditions at luxurious sanctuaries that invite you to restore balance, the way it all began.

Why Choose Us

The times are changing and people all over world are turning to the east to find new measures to deal with their stressful lives. The Kanakaveda Luxurious Holistic Center is perhaps the only one of its kind in the country,  offering Rejuvenation  programs as well as Treatment for specific elements like Arthritis, Rheumatism, osteoarthritis Obesity,Spondylitis, Backache, Migraine, Sinusitis, Stress,Anxiety, Insomnia, Diabetes,Skin Diseases.

Ayurveda at Kanakaveda

Kanakaveda is established 19 yrs back by Dr Ashish MD(Ayurveda),Dr Ashwini  MD(Medicine)

to making lives better and healthier.

Age-old traditions are the basis of this Ayurvedic Company that has always persisted in preserving the rich heritage of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is an ancient science, originated 5000 years back.

Kanakaveda is awarded on various occasions for delivering the Best of Ayurvedic treatments starting from Abhyangam, Shirodhara, Panchakarma and many more. Yoga, Meditation and various activities are available at the centre to keep one fit and healthy.

This Luxurious Holistic Center  is a destination  home to all who wishes to alleviate themselves up from the regular stress and strain of life and energize themselves to continue life without any hassles, to rejunuvate themselves.

Senior Citizens Offer

Senior Citizens above the age of 60 get upto 30% OFF

Speciality At Kanakaveda Luxurious Holistic Center


Kanakavedas primary retreat program Preventive and Regenerative Treatment offers the ultimate benefits  Ayurveda. Meant for all, the treatment includes series of Ayurvedic therapies to heal your doshas

(Vata, pitta,Cough) so as to regain the perfect well-being . Holistic, Authentic Ayurvedic medicine, not only cure the disease also help  for rejuvenating and restoring the natural health and body, and enhancing longevity.

The  Program be opted from minimum 3 days to maximum 28 days. Conforming to the core health principle of Ayurveda, it is best to opt for a minimum of 7 days package.

India’s ancient science of inner well-being made to weary warriors, kings and statesmen of their relaxation and rejuvenation. It was further complemented by the elaborate beauty rituals of kings and queen. These age-old traditions have continued their journey into millennium.

Weight Loss Programme

At Kaakaveda-Luxurious Holistic Center you get fit and healthy life forever again with the Holistic Weight-loss Programme ranging from 21days to 45 days.This program help you to lose your weight in a healthy way.

This is a combination of Internal Holistic Medicine and External Traditional, authentic Ayurvedic therapies  like massages using herbal powders and enriched  medicated oils. Herb-enriched steam baths stimulates the body’s circulatory system, preventing further deposit of fat.  This is  customized Weight-loss program,  After Treatment you can see effects of Weight-loss with in a week.


  • Proven weight reduction with Ayurvedic products
  • Ayurveda offers fine herbs for obesity problems
  • Ayurvedic weight reduction programme based on vital herbs
  • Ayurveda offers safe and effective weight reduction


Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension that makes you feel frustrated, angry or nervous. Chronic stress puts you in risk for major health problems including High blood pressure, Heart disease, Diabetes, obesity, Depression.

At Kanakaveda Luxurious Holistic Center we find the cause of stress and treat with customized   by Experience MD (Ayurvedic) Doctors, customize Treatment is Very Important to treat properly by root cause “Every person is UNIQUE “.

Internal  Holistic Medicine and External authentic Ayurvedic therapies,  which help you to feel fresh, Energetic, youthful again.

A 7/14/21/28 days program for stress and strain  Management at Kanakaveda Luxurious Holistic Centre.

This is the most natural and safest way, specialised ayurvedic therapies like Shirodhara, Dhanyamaladhara, Elakizhi, Pizhichil and Abhyangam are included in the program that will facilitate the much-needed relaxation to your body and stressed nerves. The treatments would decrease your muscular pain and will revivify your body, mind and soul.


Ayurveda, as we all know that existed more than 5,000 years ago has given the world an extensive form of knowledge and practice that circulates within the domain of naturopathy. It has provided various natural healing techniques designed for the benefit of the human community. Panchakarma is considered to be the most eminent branch of Ayurveda. As the name suggests it is a ‘five-step’ process for a complete detoxifying and rejuvenating experience. Basically it is a cleansing technique where the body is allowed to get cleansed through different procedures. It requires a minimum of 2 weeks for the body to get cleansed from within. It works best with the use of medicated oils that helps in getting rid of the toxins and helps in eliminating impurities from the human body.

History of Panchakarma Therapy

An Ayurvedic treatment primarily comprises of two parts namely, Samshodhana Chikitsa (Bio-cleansing therapy) and Samshaman Chikitsa (Pacifying Therapy). Panchakarma therapy is a dynamic procedure to cleanse the body from inside out. It is a bio-cleansing regimen which is intended to balance the  doshas like vat, pitta,Cough  and eliminate the toxic elements found in the body. It is a procedure that helps improve the immunity of the body.

When we speak of the history of this five-step therapy we mean its existence in the world as an extensive form of an Ayurveda therapy. It helps us to cure the disease permanently.

Kanakaveda Panchakarma

Cleansing Programme

Kanakaveda Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapy is a five-step process for the body to get cleansed inside out. These five steps can be considered to be the stepping stones for complete attainment of a healthy and a purified body. This therapy is believed to impart radical elimination of the disease causing factors and maintain an equilibrium among the doshas that govern our body. Following are the five processes that helps improve the immunity and cleanses the body.

  • Vamana
  • Virechana
  • Basti
  • Nasya
  • Raktamokshan

Let us understand each one in detail-

  • VAMANA- It is an procedure where the patient is given Ayurvedic therapies and internal medication. This helps in vomiting and elimination of the toxins thus disposing the toxin from the body.
  • VIRECHANA- This procedure includes the cleansing of the toxins through the bowels. The patient is asked to consume Ayurvedic medicines and go for a natural purgative method thus clearing the guts that aides in purifying the body or toxins.
  • BASTI- Ayurvedic therapy through medicines or natural decoctions, such as oils, ghee or milk through enema is known as basti. The decoctions depend on the disease that needs to be cured. It has huge advantages and is powerful against diseases like piles, constipation and arthritis.
  • NASYA- People suffering from issues that target the head area, like Migraine, Sinusitis, repeated cold, Ayurvedic therapy is the best. It is a natural cleansing technique where the cerebral area gets freed from any kind of pain and nasal drops are regulated in the nostrils.
  • RAKTAMOKSHAN:  This process is done for cleaning the blood. As we know that impure blood is a major cause of any diseases, so this therapy allows for the purification of the blood thus getting rid of health issues like psoriasis, pigmentation, dermatitis and many more.

Why one should opt for this treatment?

Survival of the fittest strategy brings in a lot of factors that combine together to improve as well as deteriorate the condition of the human body. Continuous labor, wear and tear of the body tissues, negligence of the functioning parts, improper eating habits, all merged together, hampers the normal functioning of the body.

Timely cleansing should be done so that the body which acquires a lot of impurities and toxins while maintaining its functions can be eliminated. If these are not eliminated from the body at the right time then it becomes a cause for the diseases that we often hear about. Panchakarma should be done yearly because of the fact that its effects are long-lasting and not temporary and helps to kill the root cause of the disease.


  • Purification of the Body and Soul: Through the information given above it is clear by now that this therapy is the ultimate solution to get rid of all impurities and toxins from the body and thus purify the mind, body and soul. It helps to maintain a balance between all the three doshas like vat, pitta,Cough that are responsible for governing our body.
  • Basis for Complete Well-Being: Kanakaveda Luxurious Holistic Center help for the complete well-being of an individual with the help of its Ayurvedic therapies and treatments. Panchakarma therapy is one of the finest ways to achieve a healthy and stress-free body forever.
  • Balancing the vitiated doshas: As per Ayurveda, disease is due to the imbalances in the doshas in our body.

Panchakarma therapy thus helps to restore the balance between the doshas for proper functioning of the body.

Kanakaveda Luxurious Beauty Programme 

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We don’t just Suppress symptoms, We eliminate the root cause to transform your health!

Chronic illness can also influence your ability to work, your Social & Personal Life.Chronic health challenges can make people feel helpless & frustrated.

Kanakaveda  transform your health through 3 POWERFUL PROVEN STEPS TO TREAT THE DISEASE.


Consultation with our expert Doctors .


Find the Root cause of your Disease and treat accordingly  in a Holistic  Way.


Monitoring results & progress with proper  diet advice,and Lifestyle.

How can Kanakaveda Healthcare And Wellness help you in chronic health problems?

Kanakaveda Healthcare And Wellness is a Global Leaders in  Ayurveda ,Panchkarma, Homeopathy, Yoga for providing Ancient Proven Health Solutions. Kanakaveda Healthcare And Wellness is proven effective in Asthma, shortness of breath and Allergies (treated 1Lakh patients), Obesity ,Overweight, weight loss(1.20 Lakk patients), Immunity, Immunity booster(200000),Chronic Back pain Knee pain and Arthritis (treated 200000), Diabetes(90k),Skin problems like Psoriasis, Eczema, Urticaria, Dermatitis (treated 200,000), PCOS, PCOD and Infertility (treated 90,000), Blood pressure (treated 90,000), Hair fall (treated 50,000), Kidney stone and Kidney disease (treated 25,000), Thyroid, Hypothyroidisum (treated 30,000), Acidity, Gastritis (treated 100,000), Depression, Stress, Anxiety ( treated 100,000), Insomnia (treated 50,000), memory and Concentration(treated 38,000), Fatty liver or liver disease (treated 50,000), Heart disease, Cardiovascular disease (treated 35,000), Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD(50000) and many other chronic diseases with the team of expert Ayurvedic doctors,Homeopathic Doctors.

Welcome to Kanakaveda. Kanakaveda  is Renowned Healthcare And Wellness Brand worldwide .Established in 2004 to spread The Good Health to Mankind.  Kanaka Meance Gold and veda Meance Life Science, knowledge, knowledge of eternal truth. Veda not only was compiled about knowledge of eternal truth but also consisted about how to live a healthy life. And the section which dealt with healthy living is known as AYURVEDA which is part of Atharvaveda (Fourth vedas) 5000 yr old Healing Science.It help to treat the Chronic Disease by root.

Kanakaveda is Multispeciality  Healthcare wigs.It Runs Successfully  Different wigs like Homeopathy is System of Alternative Medicine 225 yrs old Healing Science.

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