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                            The word Veda means knowledge, knowledge of eternal truth. Veda not only was compiled about knowledge of eternal truth but also consisted about how to live a healthy life. And the section which dealt with healthy living is known as AYURVEDA which is part of Atharvaveda (fourth Veda). Herein we have made attempt to provide Scientific information-Education and Health services with our traditional knowledge of making herbal formulations and oils, Panchkarma , Nadi-vigyan (Science of pulse reading), Marma with combination of Mantras (mystical formulas), Yantra (mystical diagrams), Yoga-mudras (mystical hand postures), Yoga-asana(mystical body gestures), Pranayama (art of breathing), Meditation (art of being no mind) and Naturopathy for not only healthy physical body but also for healthy metaphysical-bodies, mind and upliftment of soul.

                          We have also combined Naturopathy like Auto-urine therapy (shivambu), Cowpathy, Mudpathy & Alternative Therapies like HOMEOPATHY, Acupressure, Gempathy, Color therapy. We are successfully running “Fight With OBESITY” program, as a compressive Health Care provider, we are providing services including specialties like Pain Management, Obesity Management, Diabetes Management, Endocrine Disorders, Orthopedic, Gynecology, Neurology, dermatology, pediatrics etc


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